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Boat Information
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Engine Information
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Mechanical Information
  • Has this boat ever had an insurance claim or sustained any flood damage?

  • Engine in good working condition?

  • When where the manifolds & risers replaced?

  • Did the engine(s) have water ingestion?

  • Any major mechanical repairs?

  • Are service records available?

  • Are the engines under warranty, if so until what date?

  • Are all systems operable? If no, what systems are not working?

Hull, Deck and Transom
  • Fiberglass scratched, faded, blistered or damaged?

  • Has the hull, deck, or transom ever flooded or had major repair?

  • Tape or graphics on hull or deck damaged?

  • Any tears, cracking, or sun fading of vinyl?

  • Any wood rot under seats, in floor, or any other upholstered parts?

  • Has the interior ever flooded?

  • Any damage to the Bimini Top, cockpit, bow covers?

  • Condition of Eisenglass enclosure?